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The Mason Soccer Academy Club Training Program provides a soccer education service for individual players, teams and club coaches during the Spring and/or Fall season. MSA can provide a package that can be customized to meet your needs as a club, either once every few weeks or 7 days per week.

You can determine the duration of the program, the frequency of the sessions, and the number of coaches needed to deliver an effective educational program.

club training program 



  • Provide a quality program for your players, coaches and parents including Positional Excellence Specialist Training.

  • Provide an innovative curriculum that is child centered in a safe, positive environment.

  • Structure a program that caters for different age groups and ability levels.

  • Offer impartial, verbal and written feedback direct to players and the club.

  • Support the club to maintain player retention within the organization.

  • Create continuity and progression through a dedicated partnership between coaches, families and participants.

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